Me on the right. My daughter, Melana.

Me on the right.  My daughter, Melana.
I love Spring!

Creativity is fabulous

Creativity is fabulous
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lady Beatrice Creations....
My Aunt Annette made our Christmas stockings....I love her very much.
"Christmas at Melana's" daughter is Melana and she is 23. Melana is in college and we went to her apartment to celebrate Christmas this year. She put up her first Christmas tree. Every corner of her apartment was clean and decorated. It was so fun and it did my heart good to see my daughter so grown up!
****I mentioned clean above....because my grandmother always said "clean was next to Godliness" OR SOMETHING like
December 16, 2012.....Brooke's Cookie Swap and Gift much fun! Oh, and Brooke is the Queen of The Ecletic Cottage in Brevard, North Carolina! Call me old fashioned because I am and I love it. I just adore "girly" get togethers, so of course I accepted an invitation to Brooke's Cookie Swap and went with bells on. Enjoy the pics and smile, smile, smile...
My mom always said a smile will get you through any door!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I must play and have fun. I am just one of those people that cannot breathe unless I have regular fun!! I like to work hard, but, it is then time to have fun. Shopping, eating, family, being at the beach.....most important thing spending time with my friend, Jesus. I love flea markets, antique markets, craft shows, art shows, farms, concerts, plays, traveling, books and so much more. I am planning a shopping trip to Virginia in May with the girls. Yea....the only guy that is invited is my son, Anthony, he is 18 and loves hip vintage stuff and so does his girlfriend, Tori. I am not sure Anthony will be joining us though on this trip. Again, God Bless.

The Eclectic Cottage, Brevard, NC

Check out my booth, Lady Beatrice, when you are in Brevard, North Carolina. There are many vendors in the shop, and I know you will love it. Also, check out, Gravy, next door, Mayberry's has good eatin' and the bakery in downtown has the best coffee and the baked goods are the best. You could spend a long weekend in Brevard. There is good hiking, waterfalls, shopping, and Steve Martin. God Bless.

St. Augustine Beach, Florida September, 2011

We had a Ortagus/McElroy family reunion. What fun to see everyone. It had been way too long. If you are thinking about planning a family was way worth it. God Bless.