Me on the right. My daughter, Melana.

Me on the right.  My daughter, Melana.
I love Spring!

Creativity is fabulous

Creativity is fabulous
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

St. Augustine Beach, Florida September, 2010

I love my brother. Please do not tell anybody, but he use to tap dance when we were little. I love that about him. He is still a good dancer! St. Augustine Beach was the best. You can drive on the beach still. Flagler College, Alligator Museum, Marineland, Historic St. Augustine, The many things to see in the oldest city in the US. My family originated in St. Augustine. We are minorcans. Minorcans are from Spain. My family has been around for a long time in these parts.

Good Morning Bloggers.I love the United States. Just wanted to say so.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Girls Weekend in South Carolina

A weekend of shopping, wrapping, eating and just hanging out with friends.

Guy Lombardo, my husband

My honey....Guy Anthony Lombardo. Fondly know as "Jerky Jock". He loves beef jerky and he played football for Clemson. Whatever....yea we are a little gotta be nuts to live in this crazy world. I thank God for my husband. I thank God for humor.

Old Fashioned Christmas

Guy and I went downtown to enjoy the festivities. All the shops are open late and serving holiday refreshments. Carols are being sung and trumpets are playing. St. Nicholas is strolling and shopkeepers are adorned in Victorian dress. Twinkle lights are my best friends and they are everywhere. Guy really has come to enjoy this night and likes shopping in our downtown, supporting our merchants. God Bless Us Everyone!

More important than birthdays...the purchase of our Christmas tree. Actually, it should be a national holiday, in my opinion, "Christmas Tree Day". Usually we purchase our tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year we acquired our tree on Thanksgiving Day. To my delight we had our 30th Christmas tree in the stand seeping in much needed H2o one day earlier than all the years before. This was "A good day" and we had an addition to our family, Liz, visiting us for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, 2010

I love holidays. They are like soul waits for each season to begin and end....and holidays are like little "blessings" sprinkled in.


I know it is hard to believe, but for the very first time I have my own laptop. In the year of 2010 we can hardly function without internet. Trust me that plenty of people are still living just fine without it. Crazy.

A little history...our family computer got moved into the bedroom of my youngest, Anthony.....way back when. In most ways our family computer became Anthony's computer. I had to ask to get on the computer. We purchased a laptop for our daughter when she went to college. Recently, Anthony purchased a laptop from his savings. Mostly money we put in his account. Anthony disconnected our "family computer" and installed his laptop with two screens. Mom still has no computer. Then an angel gave me a laptop. I am in heaven. My own baby. I love my laptop and am so very happy to be tapping on these keys.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Angels, Chocolate and Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

Just closed my eyes and was thinking about things that give me the "warm fuzzies". Thinking of the fact, that angels are flying around protecting us. Chocolate, when you need it the most, tastes like silk and is the perfect antidote to this world. Warm air, but not too warm, blowing through my hair and over my skin reminds me of being a kid. The feeling I use to have as a child after playing in the lake, filling my tummy with all kinds of goodies that my mom made and plopping on the bed exhausted......content in every way.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Day Blogging

My sweet daughter, Melana, set up my blog for me. We are sitting in her dorm room watching a movie, "Somethings Gotta Give" and eating coke floats. We found a church for her today. Yea! Today has been such a good day. I feel a peace beyond what words can express. I want to blog about my adventures and my creative side. I want to blog about angels and dolls. I love vintage anything and want to blog about the places I shop and the things I find and buy for our home, my craft projects and for Melana's dorm at Toccoa Falls College. We traveled to Pendergrass Flea Market in Pendergrass, Georgia....not our kind of flea market. We did not see one original, vintage item. So, we cut our losses and headed to the Georgia Mall. We ate and shopped. We found Borders and Barnes & Nobles bookstores. We hit the coffee shops. We headed home and popped in Publix. Boy, I miss Publix. I had so much fun running around a grocery store. Pleasure in the small things. Being with my child and enjoying a Publix grocery store. More than anything, I have adored watching Melana hang coverings over her windows in her dorm room. One window is covered in two layers. The underneath is an old red top sheet and draped on top is a african print curtain. On the second window we have one complete brown curtain and another one that is stapled together It sounds tacky as I type, but in actuality the windows are adorable. I love things that don't match, but that are creative. I love Taccoa. Thank you, God, you showed up again today, and I for one had an amazing day. <3