Me on the right. My daughter, Melana.

Me on the right.  My daughter, Melana.
I love Spring!

Creativity is fabulous

Creativity is fabulous
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Day Blogging

My sweet daughter, Melana, set up my blog for me. We are sitting in her dorm room watching a movie, "Somethings Gotta Give" and eating coke floats. We found a church for her today. Yea! Today has been such a good day. I feel a peace beyond what words can express. I want to blog about my adventures and my creative side. I want to blog about angels and dolls. I love vintage anything and want to blog about the places I shop and the things I find and buy for our home, my craft projects and for Melana's dorm at Toccoa Falls College. We traveled to Pendergrass Flea Market in Pendergrass, Georgia....not our kind of flea market. We did not see one original, vintage item. So, we cut our losses and headed to the Georgia Mall. We ate and shopped. We found Borders and Barnes & Nobles bookstores. We hit the coffee shops. We headed home and popped in Publix. Boy, I miss Publix. I had so much fun running around a grocery store. Pleasure in the small things. Being with my child and enjoying a Publix grocery store. More than anything, I have adored watching Melana hang coverings over her windows in her dorm room. One window is covered in two layers. The underneath is an old red top sheet and draped on top is a african print curtain. On the second window we have one complete brown curtain and another one that is stapled together It sounds tacky as I type, but in actuality the windows are adorable. I love things that don't match, but that are creative. I love Taccoa. Thank you, God, you showed up again today, and I for one had an amazing day. <3