Me on the right. My daughter, Melana.

Me on the right.  My daughter, Melana.
I love Spring!

Creativity is fabulous

Creativity is fabulous
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rugby Middle School, Hendersonville, NC

I have been doing this show since the first year that we moved to Hendersonville.

The Eclectic Cottage * Brevard, North Carolina

The Eclectic Cottage has closed and I am glad for the memories.

Vintage sweet it is to use the gifts God gave me. God gives us all beautiful gifts. That makes me happy.

I have totally decided to make vintage crafts only and to also sale vintage items. Oh my gosh I do love vintage and shabby chic anything!!!!!

Antiquities Shop * Hendersonville, NC

I have a new booth at Antiquities Antique Mall. Actually I have two new booths. But, I only have pictures of the one at Antiquites. Todd is the owner and such a nice guy. Our familia is looking forward to getting to know him.