Me on the right. My daughter, Melana.

Me on the right.  My daughter, Melana.
I love Spring!

Creativity is fabulous

Creativity is fabulous
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Friends and BFF's

It is so important to have a best friend. I have a best friend and his name is Jesus. He is the best friend a girl could have.

I love meeting new people. I love meeting artistic and creative people. If you are creative in any way (children coloring always amaze me) I am drawn to you. I met a new friend yesterday. Her name is Vinnie Grace Holman. She is clearing land, God's land, and building steps, God's steps, and creating an awesome place here in Hendersonville, NC for God's people to worship, study, dance, pray, etc. She has built bridges to cross the stream that runs through 4 acres of God's land. She is planning to build a stage. I was encouraged, to say the least. I am going back. I want to know this Vinnie Grace Holman. I hope she reads this. I love you Vinnie and thank God for sending you my way.

Thank you, God, for sending us Jesus.

Peace<3 "But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing, and shall have wonderful peace." Psalms 37:11